Director DDE

The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga is offering several Programmes/Courses to cater to the needs of In-service teachers and other such categories. Thus, there is the need develop and improve the conceptual, technical and operational methods and tools in order to efficiently manage these distance education programmes. The DDE has developed a knowledge network and dissemination system for increasing access of the students with the intervention of Information and Communication technology

An E-portal has been developed for Web-casting using Web Postal for distance education related activities, SMS Facilities for students with high speed Internet Connectivity. Complete information related to Student Support in the form of Video/Audio/Multimedia is put on the Web Portal which is augmented/updated continuously. I express my heartiest appreciation to the team of dedicated professionals for developing this Web-Portal.

Prof. A. N. Kargupta, Director

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The Directorate of Distance Education in Lalit Narayan Mithila University was created in the year 1998 vide University letter no. P/D 54-139/98 dated 7/2/1998. The Directorate is responsible for offering programmes/courses through the distance mode. Since inception, it has been taking various initiatives to the spread of distance education. At present nearly 30% students of higher education in LNMU are enrolled in the ODL system of DDE.

Dr. Harendra Singh, then Controller of examinations, L.N.M.UDarbhanga was the first Director in-charge of the Directorate of Distance Education. The task assigned to him was to formulate and prepare the proposal for starting Distance Education from session 1998-99, in consultation with the Advisory Committee which was duly constituted by the University.


  1. To offer programmes/courses of the University through the distance mode.
  2. To make all out efforts to devise ways and means to run integrated Teacher Education Programme.
  3. To provide guidelines and maintaining co-ordination among various Study Centres.


The Directorate of Distance Education is managed and governed by an Advisory Council

Constitution of Advisory Council

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr.S.K. Singh Vice-Chancellor Chairman
2 —————- Pro-Vice Chancellor Special Invitee
3 Sri Gulam Moiuddin Financial Advisor Member
4 Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Registrar Member
5 Dr. Bhola Chaurasia Dean, Student Welfare Special Invitee
6 Dr. I. N. Mishra Dean,Faculty of Science Member
7 Dr. R. N. Singh HOD,Sanskrit Member
9 Dr. Bhaweshwar Singh Press Manager Special Invitee
10 Prof. A. N. Kargupta Director,Distance Education Member Secretary


Director DDE

Dr. A.N. Kargupta
Director, DDE, LNMU, Darbhanga.
Professor:Post-Graduate Department of Botany
L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga- 846004

  • Ph.D. (Burdn.), F.B.S., UGC Career Awardee, Govt. of India.
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