Notice16-09-2021Notice Regarding Holiday (Vishwakarma Puja)icon_pdf
Notice28-08-2021Notice Regarding Shree Krishna Janamashthamiicon_pdf
Notice31-07-2021Notice Regarding B.Ed (ODL) 2019-21 Workshopicon_pdf
Notice15-07-2021Notice Regarding Re-Extended Date for Assignment & Examination Form icon_pdf
Notice13-04-2021Holiday on Ambedkar Jayant (14-04-2021)icon_pdf
Notice02-04-2021Holiday for Good Friday (02.04.2021)icon_pdf
Notice20-03-2021Notice Regarding Holiday (22-03-2021)icon_pdf
Notice25-12-20202 वर्षीय बीoएडo (नियमित) में सत्र 2020-22 में नामांकन संबंधी सूचना icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Revised Dateshet for December, 2020icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Revised Examination Centre for December 2020icon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice22-12-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice17-12-2020Notice Regarding Examination Form and Assignment.icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2020Notice Regarding Examination June -2019icon_pdf
Notice23-11-2020Notice Regarding Exam From Dec 2020icon_pdf
Notice22-11-2020Notice Regarding Hall Ticket Problemicon_pdf
Notice12-11-2020Revised Examination Centre and Venue June 2020 (Master level Previous and Graduat level I & II)icon_pdf
Notice12-11-2020Assignment Noticeicon_pdf
Notice12-11-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice04-11-2020Notice Regarding B.Ed (ODL) Workshop Session 2019-21icon_pdf
Notice01-11-2020Date Sheet for Term End Examination June- 2020 MA/MCOM/MSC(Previous) & BA BCOM I & II Yearicon_pdf
Notice29-10-2020Regarding Weekly Holidayicon_pdf
Notice29-10-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice22-10-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice21-10-2020Notice Regarding Examicon_pdf
Notice16-10-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice15-10-2020Regarding Date Change in Viva voce/GD and Practical for June 2020icon_pdf
Notice14-10-2020Schedule of Viva/Group Discussion/Practical For June, 2020 (General programs)icon_pdf
Notice13-10-2020Notification Exam Form Dec-2020icon_pdf
Notice07-10-2020Notice Regarding Holidayicon_pdf
Notice30-09-2020List of Examination Centre Subject wise / District wise for June,2020icon_pdf
Notice25-09-2020Notice Regarding Hall Ticketicon_pdf
Notice24-08-2020Notice Regarding Correction in Examination Form.icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2020Regarding Date Extension of Examination Form and Assignment submissionicon_pdf
Notice22-08-2020Notice Regarding B.Ed (Distance Education)Workshop Session 2018-20icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2020Regarding Date Extension of Examination Form and Assignment submissionicon_pdf
Notice14-07-2020Regarding Date Extension of Examination Form and Assignment submissionicon_pdf
Notice30-06-2020Assignment Submission Date Extension Noticeicon_pdf
Notice30-06-2020Notice for Study Materialicon_pdf
Notice17-06-2020Notice for Examination Formicon_pdf
Notice04-06-2020Regarding Result Publication Noticeicon_pdf
Notice26-05-2020Notice for hiring of Consultant/ Advisor for DDE, LNMUicon_pdf
Notice21-05-2020Online Class Schedule for B.ED (1st & 2nd Year)icon_pdf
Notice17-04-2020Assignment Submission Notice July-2019icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2020NOTICE FOR B.ED. & MA (EDUCATION) STUDENTS.icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice20-03-2020Notice for Coronaicon_pdf
Notice19-03-2020Important Noticeicon_pdf
Notice16-03-2020Assignment Noticeicon_pdf
Notice07-03-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice06-03-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice02-03-2020Notice for Employeeicon_pdf
Notice28-02-2020Notice for Study Materialicon_pdf
Notice27-02-2020Admission Noticeicon_pdf
Notice20-02-20202nd MERIT LIST OF MSC Chemistryicon_pdf
Notice20-02-20202nd MERIT LIST OF MSC PHYSICS icon_pdf
Notice20-02-20202nd MERIT LIST OF MSC ZOOLOGY icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2020Notice for Study Materialicon_pdf
Notice20-02-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice16-02-2020Admission Noticeicon_pdf
Notice12-02-2020Regarding Admission Notice (M.Sc): Provisionally selectedicon_pdf
Notice07-02-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice05-02-2020Vacancy Advertisement for B. Ed. (Regular)icon_pdf
Notice05-02-2020Vacancy Advertisement for B. Ed. (Regular) Employment Notificationicon_pdf
Notice02-02-2020Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice30-1-2020Notice for Msc/MA Education and Library Science Admissionicon_pdf
Notice30-12-2019NOTICE FOR STUDY CENTREicon_pdf
Notice30-12-2019Notice for Practical/GD/Viva Examination (TEE DEC, 2019)icon_pdf
Notice30-12-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice18-12-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice18-12-2019Examination Date Extended (TEE Dec, 2019)icon_pdf
Notice18-11-2019Notice Regarding Examicon_pdf
Notice12-11-2019Notice Regarding Exam Scheduleicon_pdf
Notice12-11-2019Notice Regarding Examination Centreicon_pdf
Notice12-11-2019Holiday for 10th Convocation 2019icon_pdf
Notice11-11-2019Assignment Submission Date Extendedicon_pdf
Notice11-11-2019Notice for Co-ordinator (All Study Centre)icon_pdf
Notice08-11-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice08-11-2019Notice for Study Material icon_pdf
Notice04-10-2019Notice for Holiday icon_pdf
Notice04-10-2019Notice for Holiday from 05.10 to 09.10.2019icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2019Notice for Holiday on 02/10/2019icon_pdf
Notice01-10-2019Admission Notice Jan- 2020icon_pdf
Notice17-09-2019Notice for Holiday on 17.09.2019icon_pdf
Notice5-09-2019Notice for Books/Study Materialsicon_pdf
Notice4-09-2019Examination Fee Structure for TEE Dec, 2019icon_pdf
Notice30-08-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice30-08-2019Extension of Admission Date (July- 2019)icon_pdf
Notice29-08-2019Important Notice for M.Sc. Admission (July- 2019)icon_pdf
Notice22-08-2019Notice for extension of Admission Date 24.08.2019icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2019Notice for Close on 20.08.2019icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2019Revised Merit List of BLIS July -2019icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2019NOTICE FOR BLIS ADMISSIONicon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice11-08-2019Notice for Certificate Courseicon_pdf
Notice2-08-2019Programme & Centre (Practice Teaching & EPC) for B.Ed. (2017-19)icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2019Programme & Centres (Practical/Project work) for BLIS & MLIS, June- 2019icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2019Practical Examination (Master of Science- Session, July- 2018) TEE June- 2019icon_pdf
Notice28-07-2019Important Notice for Online Application (July- 2019)icon_pdf
Notice20-06-2019Notice for Synopsis of EDU 515 & 516 (MA Edu.)icon_pdf
Notice20-06-2019Notice for Practical Examination June, 2019icon_pdf
Notice20-06-2019Notice for 3rd list of B.Ed. (ODL) Admissionicon_pdf
Notice20-06-2019Revised Admission Notice July, 2019icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notice for Admission B.Ed. (ODL)icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notice for Revised Hall Ticket for June 2019icon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notice for Grade Card/Mark-sheeticon_pdf
Notice7-06-2019Notice for 6 days Workshop of BLIS & MLIS (July 2018)icon_pdf
Notice13-05-2019दत्तकार्य (Assignment) जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारितicon_pdf
Notice13-05-2019Notice for Holiday on 31-05-2019 to 1-06-2019icon_pdf
Notice13-05-2019Holiday on 13.05.2019icon_pdf
Notice6-05-2019List of M.A. Education Students with Supervisor Session - 2018-2020icon_pdf
Notice6-05-2019परामर्शी वर्ग (स्नातकोत्तर विज्ञानं) जुलाई - 2018icon_pdf
Notice6-05-2019Notice for Study Materials (July- 2018 & Jan- 2019)icon_pdf
Notice3-05-2019दत्तकार्य जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारितicon_pdf
Notice30-04-2019Holiday on 01.05.2019icon_pdf
Notice28-04-2019Notice For Holiday on 29.04.2019icon_pdf
Notice24-04-2019Notice For Office Close on 25.04.2019icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2019Notice For Holidays on 17, 19, 21 & 23 April, 2019icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice11-04-2019Notice for DDE Employeesicon_pdf
Notice29-03-2019 दत्तकार्य (Assignment) जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित icon_pdf
Notice28-03-2019 परीक्षा प्रपत्र जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित (31.03.2019) icon_pdf
Notice19-03-2019 Holiday (20.03.2019 to 24.03.2019) icon_pdf
Notice19-03-2019 Punctuality Office Timing icon_pdf
Notice10-03-2019 Holiday on 12.03.2019 icon_pdf
Notice05-03-2019 Notice for Course Material icon_pdf
Notice03-03-2019 Notice for Holiday (04.03.2019) icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2019 Exam Fee Structure (TEE June- 2019) icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2019 Notice for BLIS and MLIS Admission icon_pdf
Notice15-02-2019 Notice for Special Practical, Dec- 2018 icon_pdf
Notice15-02-2019 Notice for MLIS Admission, Jan- 2019 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2019 Notice for Eligible Candidates for the post of Assistant Professor icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2019 Notice For BED Entrance Test 2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2019 Notice for M.Sc. Admission, Jan-2019 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2019 List of Eligible, Disqualified, and Appearing Candidates for the post of Faculties (Assistant Professor) in B.Ed. Programme icon_pdf
Notice08-02-2019 Holiday on 10.02.2019 icon_pdf
Notice17-01-2019 Notice for Students icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2019 Notice for Holiday icon_pdf
Notice10-01-2019 Application for Original Certificate icon_pdf
Notice03-01-2019 Notice for Practical Exam.. Dec- 2018 icon_pdf
Notice23-12-2018 Holiday: 24.12.2018 to 01.01.2019 icon_pdf
Notice19-12-2018 NIVIDA_01 icon_pdf
Notice16-12-2018 NIVIDA_02 icon_pdf
Notice10-12-2018 Admission Notice- Jan, 2019 icon_pdf
Notice06-12-2018 Examination date (11 & 12 Dec, 2018) Changedicon_pdf
Notice05-12-2018Notice for MLIS 05 & 06 paper, TEE Dec -2018icon_pdf
Notice19-11-2018Notice 20.11.2018 & 21.11.2018icon_pdf
Notice15-11-2018List of Candidates for Interview of the Post of Assistant Registrar (Administrative, Accounts)icon_pdf
Notice29-10-2018Holiday from 05/11/2018 to 15/11/2018icon_pdf
Notice29-10-2018Notice for weekly off (03.11.2018)icon_pdf
Notice29-10-2018Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice22-10-2018Date Extended for Assignment Submissionicon_pdf
Notice11-10-2018Admission date Extendedicon_pdf
Notice08-10-2018NOTICE FOR BLIS ADMISSIONicon_pdf
Notice04-10-2018Notice for Admission in Science Programmeicon_pdf
Notice04-10-2018नामांकन तिथि विस्तारित (जुलाई- 2018)icon_pdf
Notice03-10-2018Notice for BLIS Admission July 2018icon_pdf
Notice10-09-2018Admission (July- 2018 session)- Apply online)icon_pdf
Notice21-08-2018Special Practical/GD/Viva Exam, June- 2018icon_pdf
Notice21-08-2018Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice08-08-2018Exam Fee Details (Dec- 2018)icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2018Certificate Courseicon_pdf
Notice15-07-2018Notice for Study Materialsicon_pdf
Notice27-06-2018Notice for Holiday on 28.06.2018icon_pdf
Notice29-05-2018Notice for Examination Cenetr changedicon_pdf
Notice14-05-2018Notice for Workshop- I & IIicon_pdf
Notice22-04-2018Holiday on 23rd & 24th April, 2018icon_pdf
Notice12-04-2018Advertisement 2018icon_pdf
Notice12-04-2018Advertisement Formaticon_pdf
Notice30-03-2018Notice for Holidayicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2018NOTICE FOR MA EDUCATION ADMISSION JAN 2018icon_pdf
Notice08-03-2018Notice MLIS Admission (Jan- 2018)icon_pdf
Notice06-03-2018Admission date extended (Jan- 2018)icon_pdf
Notice28-02-2018NNOTICE FOR HOLIDAYicon_pdf
Notice16-02-2018Notice for Tendericon_pdf
Notice13-02-2018BLIS NOTICEicon_pdf
Notice13-02-2018MA EDU NOTICEicon_pdf
Notice04-02-2018Special practical noticeicon_pdf
Notice30-01-2018नामांकन तिथि विस्तारित (जनवरी-2018)icon_pdf
Notice30-01-2018Holiday on 31-01-2018icon_pdf
Notice30-01-2018Notice Counselling Sessionicon_pdf
Notice29-01-2018Important Noticeicon_pdf
Notice20-01-2018Hoilday on 22-01-2018icon_pdf
Notice15-01-2018Extended Admission Notice for Jan 2018icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2018Holiday on 13 & 14 Jan. 2018icon_pdf
Notice28-12-2017Holiday from 29.12.2017 to 01.01.2018icon_pdf
Notice17-12-2017MLIS Exam Dec- 2017icon_pdf
Notice17-12-2017Inviting Quotation for CCTV Camera.icon_pdf
Notice15-12-2017नए अध्ययन केंद्र खोलने से सम्बंधित सूचनाicon_pdf
Notice13-12-2017निविदा खुलने की तिथि विस्तारितicon_pdf
Notice11-12-2017विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा जून - 2017icon_pdf
Notice01-12-2017Holiday on 2-12-2017icon_pdf
Notice01-12-2017Notice for Pending Grade Cardicon_pdf
Notice28-11-2017Notice for Booksicon_pdf
Notice23-11-2017परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने की तिथि विस्तारित (दिसम्बर 2017)icon_pdf
Notice09-11-2017Holiday on 10/11/2017icon_pdf
Notice03-11-2017Holiday on 04/11/2017icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2017दत्तकार्य जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारित 02.10.2017icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2017Holiday from 25.09.2017 to 02.10.2017icon_pdf
Notice15-09-2017B.Ed.- Induction Meeting (2017-19)icon_pdf
Notice1-09-2017Holiday on 02 and 03 September, 2017icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2017Notice for TEE examination june 2017 icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2017Notice for Exam June 2017icon_pdf
Notice2-08-2017Online systemicon_pdf
Notice20-07-2017Notice for Dec-2016 Resulticon_pdf
Notice13-07-2017B.Ed. Workshop- IIicon_pdf
Notice06-07-2017अल्पकालीन निविदा 5(D)/SLM/2017icon_pdf
Notice24-06-2017WORKSHOP NOTICE FOR BED 2016-18 STUDENTSicon_pdf
Notice24-06-2017Eid Holidayicon_pdf
Notice22-06-2017Holiday on 23.06.2017icon_pdf
Notice14-06-2017Office close on 15.06.2017icon_pdf
Notice27-05-2017Notice for TEE June- 2017icon_pdf
Notice26-05-2017Notice for Counselling Classeicon_pdf
Notice3-04-2017Holiday on 04 and 05 April, 2017icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2017दत्तकार्य जमा करने की तिथि विस्तारितicon_pdf
Notice17-03-2017सत्र जनवरी २०१७ में नामांकन तिथि विस्तारितicon_pdf
Notice18-03-2017Holiday on 21 & 22 March 2017icon_pdf
Notice06-03-2017B.Ed. New Course Fee Detail.icon_pdf
Notice22-02-2017Notice for Exam on HPS College.icon_pdf
Notice21-02-2017Admission Date for BLIS/MLIS Jan- 2017icon_pdf
Notice22-02-2017Notice for booksicon_pdf
Notice17-02-2017Notice for special practicalicon_pdf
Notice19-02-2017NOTICE icon_pdf
Notice19-02-2017विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा दिसम्बर 2016icon_pdf